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Sunday 31 August 2014

Azumino Seed Center

Today, we visited a seed center in Azumino, Nagano Pref.

The seed center in Azumino was establish after the owner of "Shantikti", Mr. and Mrs. Usui visited a seed bank in Bangladesh. Mr. Usui guided us the facilities. 

In the center,  the various ideas of permaculture are adopted: keyhole garden, companion plants, compost toilet, bio geo filter. 
The concept of permaculture is established by Bill Mollison in Australia, but it's originated in Asia.
F.H King's "Farmers of Forty Centuries or Permanent Agriculture in China,. Korea and Japan" 

"We can learn traditional knowledge on nature and farming methods deeply rooted in Japan through permaculture.", said Mr. Usui.

In the seed center, various bottles of seeds are lined up on the shelf. visitors can borrow seeds but should back the seeds doubled. the roof of the center is covered with various plants.

website (Japanese only)

collecting seeds of parsnip.


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