Village to Table Stories

Off-the-Eaten Path Food Experience in Japan. "Meet the People and Places behind your Plates! "

Community Based Village Tour

Theme of Village tour:

  • Communicate with local people and taste locally produced foods
  • Responsible tourism to conserve traditional livelihood and diversity of food culture in rural communities
  • Visit off-beaten rural area, and listen to the stories of real life in satoyama inherited generations to generations
  • Travelling stories from sowing seeds to on the table 

Example Programs:

  • Guided by locals
  • Experiences in living satoyama villages
  • Cooking Class 
  • Basic Knowledge of Japanese Cuisine 
  • Food Tasting (tea、sake, fermented foods, heirloom vegetables)
  • Food Market Tour 
  • Home-stay in satoyama farm
  • Visit farms, processing factories, brewery, or restaurants 


  • Day tour from Kyoto city (hotel-pick up in Kyoto)
  • Off-the-beaten rural areas in Kyoto and Nara

Guiding fee:

<A full day tour (upto 8 hours)>
1-5 persons 25000JPY per group
6-8 persons plus 3,000JPY per person

<Half a day tour (upto 4 hours)>
1-5 persons 15000JPY
6-8 persons: plus 2000JPY per person

<Excess charge>
plus 3000JPY per hour

including guide fee
plus 1000 JPY for hotel pick-up in Kyoto city or Nara city


  • Accompnied by a National English Guide Interpreter (License No. EN00295)
  • If you rent a car by yourself, it is also possible to drive the car. It could be easier to make a schedule for seeing around rural area efficiently.

Not Included:

  • transportation fee for you and guide
  • lunch for you and guide
  • entrance fee

Example itineraries: