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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Table of Fermentation Kyoto: Tofu-you 豆腐よう

Table of fermentation 発酵する食卓 is an experimental laboratory for making diverse fermented foods in Kyoto.

Based on the theme each time, we try to make fermented foods by using different combinations and taste the difference.

October's topic :Tofu-you (toufulu is Chinese)

Tofu is dried for 3-7 days with salt on the surface, and mixed with awamori (rice alcohol 泡盛) and rice mold (kouji 麹).

6 months later, tofu is getting to be chese-like taste.

The enzyme of rice mold (kouji), protease converts tofu's protein into amino acid and peptide. 

Japanese express this taste as "sea urchin".

The next theme will be "Natto納豆" (a kind of fermented bean) in December. Let's experiment making Natto by using different types of grains and grasses.

What is natto?
We will use diverse grains; soy bean, kidney bean, pea, rice, and millet, and also, grasses which is infected by bacillus subtilis natto : banana leave, rice and wheat straw, water oats called makomo マコモ, and ferns.

Please join our table of fermentation, if you have a chance to visit Kyoto!

the art of fermentation: learning how to make koji, for brewing sake