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Saturday 25 November 2023

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Welcome to "Course 1: The Essence of Japanese Fermentation"

Discover the Art of Japanese Fermentation

Join Chisato Maeda, a fermenter and ethno-botanist, on a culinary journey through Japan's rich fermentation heritage. Our course, "The Essence of Japanese Fermentation: Comprehensive Guide from Ancient Traditions to Home Cooking," offers a deep dive into the world of Koji, miso, soy sauce, and much more.

Unlock the Secrets of Traditional Japanese Fermentation in Your Own Kitchen!

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Why This Course?

  • Cultural Insight: Explore the historical and traditional aspects of Japanese food culture.
  • Scientific Exploration: Gain a thorough understanding of the chemistry and biology behind fermentation processes.
  • Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical home experiments to bring your knowledge to life.
  • Foundation for Specialization: Ideal for culinary enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone passionate about wellness and Japanese cuisine.

Course Structure

  • Module 0: Preparation for Your Fermentation Journey
  • Module 1: The Culinary Canvas of Japan: Food Culture and Fermentation
  • Module 2: Basics of Fermentation Science
  • Module 3: Introduction to Japanese Fermented Products
  • Module 4: Crafting “Ichiju Sansai (one soup, three dishes)” with Practical Recipes

What you will gain from this course

Benefit 1: Comprehensive Textbook

You will receive a 100-page PDF textbook filled with in-depth knowledge, tips and secrets about Japanese fermentation at the end of the course.

Benefit 2: Seasonal one-soup-three-course recipes

You will receive 10 seasonal one-soup-three-course recipes (5 for spring/summer and 5 for fall/winter).

Assignment 1: Miso Tasting Challenge

Develop your sense of taste through miso tasting. Understand the characteristics of various types of miso and practice incorporating them into your daily diet.

Assignment 2: Making pickling beds

Students will practice making pickling beds and pickle familiar foods. Pickle beds such as miso pickles, yogurt miso, traditional 358 pickles, and amasu-zuke pickles.

Assignment3: Crafting Ichiju Sansai

Apply your knowledge from the course to design a seasonal "Ichiju Sansai" menu that captures the essence of the selected season through a harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and nutrition.


Q: What are some of the key ingredients used in the cooking lessons for this course?

A: Key ingredients include various types of fermented seasonings miso, soy sauce, vinegar, sake and mirin. Also Japanese foods such as tofu, seaweed, radish, konjac, etc. 

Q: What should I do, if these ingredients are not available in my county?

A: Alternative ingredients are suggested instead of using specific ingredients which are unique to Japan.

Q: What is "Ichiju Sansai," and how is it relevant to the course content?

A: "Ichiju Sansai" refers to the traditional Japanese meal structure of one soup and three side dishes. The course teaches how to create meals using this structure, highlighting the use of fermented seasonings.


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udemy course  "Course 1: The Essence of Japanese Fermentation"