Village to Table Stories

Off-the-Eaten Path Food Experience in Japan. "Meet the People and Places behind your Plates! "


【About Satoyama Library】

This website is rural journal to report village livelihood in Japan, which is usually not known to overseas, or even to Japanese living in urban areas.

Traditional wisdom on coexistence with nature in severe environment has been handed down from generations in the mountainous 'shuraku' 集落 (community), and it is still vividly alive. Mostly, this kind of knowledge messengers are avobe 80 yeas old, and about to disappear...

We guide you to these communities. I hope you enjoy listening to the voices of people trying to lead their lives unchanged from the past.

<Theme of this site>

(1) Food and Agriculture
(2) Ethnography - Traditional knowledge on rural livelihood
(3) Eco-tourism  - Community-based Tourism


(1) Transmission
- handing down traditional knowledge and rural livelihood
(2) Bridge
- connecting people to people, city to village, and japan to overseas
(3) Cultivation
- cultivating land and community


permaculture, organic farming, agroforestory, agroecology, indigenous knowledge, rural livelihood, seed saving, biodynamic agriculture, eco tourism, ethnobotany, anthropology, ethnology, folklore, washoku, cuisine, food culture


We organize village tour to tea farms in the early summer, learn about ethnobotany in spring, and have workshop on fermented foods like miso, shoyu, natto, in winter time. We are also cultivating an organic farm. Please contact us if interested.