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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Community seed bank in Fujino, Kanagawa pref.

I visited a community seed bank in Fujino city in Kanagawa.

Various millets and world vegetables collected by Tokyo Gakugei University are preserved in the fridge operated by "Fujino club"
The old building called "Mukei no Ie (intangible house)" is the center to share seeds with local people.
Members can keep and withdraw seeds from the seed bank.

in the collection, there is a millet variety which was once grown in Fujino city 40 years ago.
The member of Fujino club are trying to revive the millet, and growing together with local farmers.

I borrowed several seeds from the bank and deposited native seeds borrowed from Navdanya (foundation by Dr.Vandana Shiva) in exchange.
looking forward to exchange cultivation records of the seeds in future.

Iino seeds 飯野種苗ページ