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Saturday 7 April 2018

Hidden places of cherry viewing and secret sweets

Tour to visit hidden beauty spots for viewing cherry blossoms, visiting 8 temples and private residences and eating 3 tailor-made sweets

Cherry blossoms of Yoshino in Nara is famous for its thousands cherry blossoms in the mountain, however, in Yamato plateau there are also several unknown beauty spots as well.
In the tour, we explored 8 different cherry viewing points, along with 3 sweets, which are especially  custom-made by sweet chefs for the tour.

Shorenji temple

a local vegetable seller

Tenyakuji temple, also famous for  its camellia flower

katakuri, dogtooth violet

Custom-made sweets

Ananda's cream puff with cherry flower testes.

Kuzukiri made by a 70-year-old grandma, who were fascinated by kudzu starch produced in Uda and moved to Uda to make kudzukiri. 

Mitarashi dingo by Nishi-showado in Utano.

home visit to see cherry blossoms at a private residence

The highlight is illuminated cherry blossoms at Hozoji temple in Higashi Yoshino . The cherry tree is said to be 430-year-old, and designated as the natural treasure.