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Wednesday 21 March 2018

[2-6th May] "5-Day Brewing Week" Fermentation School in Nara


■What is Fermentation School?

With the basic course of "5-day fermentation school" by the Food Expert Ms. Izumi Iguchi, there will be two optional courses; "koji malt studies" and ""ethnobotany.

You can choose the schedule by yourself based on your interests and convenience. 

The venue of Uda city in Nara has been known as historical town of plant medicine, which is recorded in the " Nihon-shoki" (the oldest chronicles of Japan). 

How about learning the art of fermentation and biodiversity of fungi and plants in Nara?


■Basic Class "5 day fermentation"

Lecturer : Food Expert  Ms. Izumi Iguchi 

You can learn "Do-It-Yourself wildcrafting" by using local daily ingredients, and enjoy living together with invisible microorganisms.  

You can get more than 100 of recipes, written by Izumi, after a lot of trials and efforts.  Once you learn from this lesson, you can use it in your lifetime! 

Duration of the Basic Class would be 5 days, however, you can come whenever you like based on your schedule. (The lesson fee will be same how many times you come)

What you can learn from this lesson:

* How to use fermented products
* Make fermented foods
* Make your own body to be fermented

What you make

✴Germinated Rice bran malts 
✴Fermented rice water and recipe 
✴Enzyme of Seasonal herbs and fruits  
✴Yogurt (soy milk yogurt by using plants), and mayonnaise by using soy yogurt
✴Naturally fermented water kimchi without using vinegar 
✴Cabbage Choucroute
✴How to use sake lee, and how to make aging lees 
✴Fermented seasonings (natto shoyu, vinegar onion)
✴15 minute miso  
✴Wild cidar by using fruits 


■Optional Class "koji malts" 

Lecturer:Malicafe Marika Groen 

You can learn whole process of making koji malts at your home; how to control temperature, formation of enzyme, with both lecture and practical lesson. It will need 3 days.

You can learn:

* Diversity of Koji malts in Asian countries
* What is koji, where is it from?
*Asperguillus Flavus
* How to make koji starter by using wild fungi (such as rice malt starter)
* History of koji and brewing in Japan
Bodaimoto, the older method of brewing in Japan
* How to make bean koji and wheat koji
* How to make soy sauce, etc

3rd May   Steaming, inoculating, Lecuture

4th May   Managing koji malts, Lecture
5th May   Finishing process

■Optional Course "Ethnobotany1: foraging and medicinal sake making"

Lecturer:  Satoyama Library and Mr. Plant Hunter

Fieldwork of plant medicine with a local plant hunter. You can learn how to distinguish medicinal plants and make your own medicinal sake. 

■Optional Course "Ethnobotany2: Natto by using wild plants"

Lecturer:  Satoyama Library 

Natto can be made from varieties of wild plants with conbination of varieties of beans and peas.  You can taste how it will be deferent depending on the types of beans and peas,



2nd May
13:00-17:00 Basic Course 「5 day fermentation 1 」
3rd May
10:00-13:00 Basic Course 「5 day fermentation 2」
14:00-17:00 Optional Course「Koji malt 1」
18:00-20:00 Fermentation Night (option)
4th May
10:00-13:00 Basic Course 「5 day fermentation 3 」
14:00-16:00 Medicinal plant2 How to make natto by natural plants
17:00-19:00 Optional Course「Koji malt 2」
5th May
10:00-13:00 Basic Course 「5 day fermentation 14」
14:00-16:00 Optional Course: Medicinal plant2 How to make natto by natural plants
17:00-19:00 Optional Course「Koji malt 1」
6th May
10:00-14:00 Basic Course 「5 day fermentation 5」


Inasa yuto 
1312 Nunobiki, Haibara, Uda city Nara

■Participation fee

【Basic Class】5 day fermentation workshop 32,000 JPY including recipes
【Optional Class】Koji malts 12,000JPY (for 3 days)
          Ethnobotany 2 Days 8,000JPY  1 Day 4,000JPY
【All Classes】 50,000 JPY
【Fermentation Night】One Fermented Food

*Schedule could be changed

*Not Included : Lunch of 2rd May (Included on the 3rd to 6th),Dinner, Accommodation

■Min.&Max. Participants

8-15 persons


Please Inquire (info[at]

■Profile of lecturers

Basic Class "5 Day Fermentation"| Izumi Iguchi
She learnt cooking at Fukuoka, Tokyo and France, and continues to explore food ingredients grown from the earth. In her cooking class, freshly picked herbs and vegetables from the garden are used, and theme of the lesson would be seasonal preserved food and enzyme. She also engages in developing products, working together with produces. 

Optional Class "Koji malts studies" |
Malicafe Organic Vegan Food, Marika Groen(茉莉花)
She lives in Amsterdam, teaching koji malts, miso, and fermentation in the Netherlands. When she is back to Japan, she travels all around Japan in seek for breweries, tradition, arts, and fermentation. Freelance photographer.  

Optional Class "Ethnobotany"|Satoyama Libarary, Chisato Maeda
After completed Master degree of Agroecology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, she travels around Asian villages to learn about traditional knowledge of farming and food preservation, seed saving from local elderly villagers. She moved to Uda city in seek for medicinal plants, and opened  a share house, "Commons Garden".

■Photos taken at the time of last 3 day workshop