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Sunday 31 August 2014

learning cross breeding at International Natural Farming Research Center

International Natural Farming Research Center was founded in 1983, advocated by Mr. Okada Mokichi, a founder of Natural Farming in Japan.
Now, natural farming was spread over the 40 countries. The research center promote farming methods without using fertilizers and pesticides, and also breeds organically produced seeds. 
A researcher showed us how to breed egg plant, tomato and lettuce.

The code number is written on the cucumber for collecting seeds, so that they know the variety even if it's fallen. 

we are learning breeding methods of egg plants.
Egg plant is a self-pollinating crop, and considered less likely to be intercrossed.
However, when you would like to save fixed pure seeds, you should emasculate stamen from the flower bud.  then, the bud should be covered with a bag.
In 2-3 days later, the bud will be bloomed. then, extract pollen and interbreed.

This is hybrid tomatoes, mixed with red and yellow colored.

Lettuce is not crossed, and not necessary to be covered with bag.
when interbreed, all flowers should be washed out with water in order to make sure to be crossed.

Natural farming does not need fertilizers and vegetables are grown in the infertile soil. So, we have to consider how to enhance natural abilities of plants.

you can buy books on natural farming and seeds suited for natural farming from the web site of International Natural Farming Research Center.