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Saturday 26 January 2019

[24-26 Sep 2019] 3 Day Fermentation workshop to learn how to make authentic koji (rice malt) from a professional koji starter manufacturer

This class offers a rare opportunity to learn making authentic koji malts by a president of Hishiroku Moyashi. “Hishiroku Moyashi”, the only one koji starter manufacturer established at least 360 years ago in Kyoto, where koji culture was started in the end of Heian period (12th century).

The venue “Moyashi machiya” was once used as a koji starter manufacturer, and the actual koji starter cultivation room, called “koji-muro” is used for making koji for this workshop.

What you can learn from this class

You can learn basic knowledge of koji malt (aspergillus oryzae) and fermentation by microorganisms as well as how to make koji rice malts from a professional koji starter manufacturer.


Kyoto Moyashi Machiya (268 Nishiwakamatsu-cho Shimogyo, Kyoto city)


  1. Learn how to make koji at home by steaming 2kg of rice 
  2. Experience professional koji manufacturing process of “mori” (transfer of koji into wooden trays) by using rice malts fermented by Hishiroku Moyashi. 
You can learn two methods and compare the final products of the two, and bring the koji back to your home.


Day1 24th September 10:00-17:00
Process of “Drainage (mizukiri)”, “Steaming (mushi)”, “Cooling (horei)”, “Inoculation (tanekiri)” and “Wrapping (toko)”

Lecture 1: History of fermented foods in Japan, Classification of microorganisms, Aspergillus oryzae

Day2 25th September 10:00-17:00

Process of “Cut and turn (kirikaeshi)”, “Serve (mori)”, “Mid-duty (naka-shigoto)”, “Piling (bozumi)”, “Final-duty (shimai)”, “bricks-laying (renga-zumi)”

Lecture2 : Koji malt starter (tane-koji)

Lecture3: Enzyme, tasting fermented soymilk by using rice malt powder

Day3 26th September 10:00-13:00
Process of finalizing (dekoji)
Lecture on the koji starter produced by Hishiroku, Q&A

* Special gathering will be held at night on 24th September. Please feel free to join (extra charge needed).

For further information:
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