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Monday 4 January 2016

[11-12 JAN 2016] learning yubeshi from a grandmather in tostukawa

Last time, we practiced to make yubeshi, preserved food,
and this time, we are planning to visit a remote village in Nara to learn traditional knowledge from grandmother.

Yubeshi, Miso Stuffed Citrus Dumpling Made In Farmhouses


11th-12th January 2016
   11th arrival  dinner mehari zushi
   12th yubeshi cooking


Yamamoto (Ms. Mr. Nakaminami, farmers)

accomodation charge 7500yen(bed & 2 meals)

yubeshi making 1,000/person


6persons (2 persons left)


Totsukawa mura, Nara

take bus from Yamato yagi大和八木(kintetsu nara line)


Nara kotsu bus Yamato yagi ~ Tostukawa hot spring
bus 3400yen/1 way、6800yen/2 ways 

=> bus ticket will be free, when you stay in Totsukawa.

Totsukawa village

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