Off-the-Eaten Food Experience in Japan. "Meet the People and Places behind your Plates! "

Sunday, 15 October 2017

[1 Day Kyoto] Farm to Table Food Experience in Rural Kyoto

Starting from visiting Kyoto’s kitchen, Nishiki Food Market, we will travel to off-the-beaten rural farms providing ingredients to citizens in Kyoto, and learn cultivation of vegetables and experience home-style cooking at a local house in Ohara.

About the tour

The tour starts from visiting Nishiki Food Market, known as "Kyoto's kitchen", guests can learn about key seasonings of washoku, Japanese traditional food in the first place. Then, we will take an hour bus ride to Ohara village, located in the north of Kyoto. Historically, Ohara has been the place to produce ingredients to ancient town of Kyoto, and developed food cultures such as tsukemono (pickle) or shibazuke. Farmers are still producing major kyoyasai vegetables till now. 

One of the highlights is visiting an organic farmer, "Purple Farm Fujioka" and learn home-style cooking from local farm shop "Schop and Hoe" at a traditional farm-house. Not only learning food ingredients but also it offers special time to experience daily life of Japanese organic farmers. Local community people are very eager to host you for the lunch time together.

Ohara is also well known for its hidden temples such as Jakko-in and Sanzen-in. After lunch, guests have time to walk around tranquil village of Ohara before heading back to Kyoto station.


  • Nishiki Food Market 
  • Learning about Organic Farming in Ohara 
  • Home-style cooking experience at a traditional local farmhouse 
  • Sight seeing in Ohara

Tour Price

2 persons:  13000JPY / person
3 persons:  11500 JPY/ person
4-10 persons: 8500JPY / person


  • guide fee
  • cooking class
  • lunch 
  • Farm visit

Not Included:

  • Transportation fee (you and guide): 550 JPY from Kyoto to Ohara / one way
  • Entrance fee for Sanzen-in temple (you and guide): 700 JPY
  • Hotel pick-up 1000JPY