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Saturday, 8 April 2017

[1 Day Kyoto] Picnic tea tour with wagashi sweets


1 hour train ride from JR Kyoto station, and 30 minutes bus ride will take you to the cultural landscape where most of Uji-green tea is produced. Tea trees are everywhere around their housing in wazuka, as if their house is floating in the middle of the tea plantation, and wazuka is one of the 50 members for ”the most beautiful villages in Japan".

Walking through the tea plantation, we will stop by and chat with local tea farmers on the way to the top of the hill, where we enjoy special tea with wagashi Japanese traditional sweets made by a wagashi artist in Kyoto.

What you can learn from this experience

  • Basic knowledge of tea ceremony
  • Real livelihood of local people in the tea community
  • Tasting various types of tea (bancha, houjicha, ryokucha, matcha, sencha..)
  • Wagashi confectionaries and tea
  • Tea cultivation and processing


1 Day 9 hours tour (stating from Kyoto, ending in Kyoto)

8:00-8:30 Pick up from your hotel in Kyoto
9:00         JR Kyoto station
11:00      Arrive in wazuka town
               Lunch time
13:00      walking or cycling through tea fields
              Picnic tea party "chakai 茶会" on the top of the hill
              (we will use a wonderful tea house on the top of the hill, in case of rain)
14:00      Learning about tea from locals
15:30-17:00  travel back to JR Kyoto station

seasonal wagashi sweets
Tea house with wonderful landscape on the top of the hill


2 persons 16,000JPY (8000JPY per person)
3 persons 21,000JPY (7000JPY per person)
4 persons 24,000JPY (6000JPY per person)
5 persons 25,000JPY (5000JPY per person)
6-8 persons  plus 3,000JPY per person


  • picnic tea party with sweets and tea
  • guide from JR Kyoto station to Wazuka tea community town, and from Wazuka to be back to JR Kyoto station (also possible to arrange tour from JR Nara station)

Not Included:

  • Transportation cost for you and guide
  • Lunch for you and guide


  • matcha tea art 1000JPY/person
  • cycling rental 1000JPY/person
  • hotel pick up from Kyoto city 1000JPY/group


It is also possible to arrange farm stay in this town.
We recommend you to stay overnight and you can also visit Byodo-in temple and Ujigami shrine in Uji city on the following day. Please enquire if you need accommodation info.

Check availability and make a reservation from here