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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

[2-Day Seaside Kyoto tour] traveling daily life close to the sea in the boat houses of Ine (伊根) town

“Here people lead lives closed to the sea.”

Ine (伊根) town is a completely different world from the other part of Japan. 230 Funaya (舟屋 boat houses) are lined along the 5km coast of Ine bay. The whole Funayas seem to be floating on the high tide, looking like row houses on the water.

qingzao, taiwanese tea store

Funaya was once used as storehouses of fishermen's boats, and now it is used as their residence on the second floor, containing boats on the first floor.

Villagers catch fishes, shells, and sea weeds from entrance hall.

this is a picture taken from the entrance of Funaya.

food culture

It is popular to renovete these old funayas and open restaurants, inns, sweet cafe, or pottery studio.

Some funayas are open to public (not a museum, but it's a real living place!), and you can be invited by local villagers

villagers are preserving various types sea weeds for different purposes.

hijiki (Sargassum fusiforme) , black sea vegetables
arame(Eisenia bicyclis), sea oak, or species of kelp.

tengusa 天草 sea weeds (Gelidiaceae) is red algae used for making tokoroten or kanten (noodle shaped jelly).

Every morning around 7-8pm,
the announce is broadcasted to the villagers to inform today's amount of fish they catch.

then, villagers go to see the port with blue buckets for buying fishes.
tourists can also visit and buy sea products at the port.

Nii port

wagon car is a mobile supermarket to buy daily necessities for locals.

edible landscape of fishing village

syojin-ryori 精進料理 is provided by Amano san, a priest of Kaizoji temple in Ine bay area.
These foods are all from local farmers and the temple also has a farm to grow vegetables used for serving customers.

mukai sake brewery beside Ine bay.

1 night / 2 day Tour

2 persons 32,000JPY (16000JPY per person)
3 persons 42,000JPY (14000JPY per person)
4 persons 48,000JPY (12000JPY per person)
5 persons 50,000JPY (10000JPY per person)
6-8 persons plus 8,000JPY per person


Guide fee

Not included:

Transportation fee: 10000 yen (round trip) - you and guide 
Lunch: around 1500 yen -you and the guide (2 days)
Dinner: around 2000 yen -you and the guide (2 days)
Accommodation 5400 yen - 18000yen / person (based on your choice) -you and the guide

Check availability and make a reservation from here


It is 3 hours trip from Kyoto station by local train and bus. Then you will get strayed in another world! It is better to stay one night.
Ine 伊根 is also 30 min. away from Amanohashidate 天橋立, one of the three most scenic view spots in Japan. If you are planning to visit Amanohashidate, it is recommended to visit Ine.